Office for Nursing Research

The following templates and checklists should be tailored for each individual application. For grant section examples, please visit the ONR Grant Library.

The UW Research Office offers additional guidance within the MyResearch Lifecycle

Templates and Checklists

Budget Templates

All School of Nursing proposals require a detailed budget attached to the eGC1.

Either use one of the Excel spreadsheets below or the SAGE Budget Module. The budget spreadsheets are Excel files and must be saved after they are opened. You may customize the workbook for the correct number of years, subcontracts, or budget forms. The budget templates are updated quarterly and include any changes to:

  • F&A Rates
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Mileage Rates
  • Tuition Rate

Single Year Budget

LoS Template

Multi-Year Budget

Detailed Budget Justification

Research Plan and Other Project Info Templates

Research Plan

NIH Biosketch Sample

NIH Other Support Sample

Letter of Support Template

Other Project Info
Facilities and Resources Template

Recommended by the NIHSciENcv is an NCBI/NIH tool that allows researchers to store Biosketches and Other Support electronically and eliminates the need to repeatedly re-create them. SciENcv automatically formats Biosketches and reduces administrative burden and errors.


All checklists with embedded timelines are used by pre-award staff, department reviewers, and ONR to assist in the preparation and review of grant proposals in the School of Nursing. PIs should work with their pre-award staff to adapt proposal timelines specific to their submission deadlines.

Application Checklists



F31 Checklist

Proposal Reviewer Checklists

Proposal Review Checklist