Office for Nursing Research

The Office for Nursing Research provides grant submission support for students interested in submitting federal, state, or foundation grants. Any grant or non-scholarship funding application must go through ONR before being submitted.

ONR Student Resources

Grant Services

Writing a grant? We can help you with:

  • Identifying potential sponsors or funding opportunities
  • Budgets
  • Forms
  • Compliance
  • Approval process
  • Training and lecture series

F31 Submissions

The F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award is an NIH grant whose goal is to “enable promising predoctoral students with potential to develop into a productive, independent research scientists, to obtain mentored research training while conducting dissertation research. The F31 is also used to enhance workforce diversity though a separate program.”

Deadlines Occur three times per year:

    • December 8
    • April 8
    • August 8

Students typically apply in the end of their first year or in their second year. Please contact ONR if you wish to submit an application.

Diversity Supplement Submissions

NIH Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research are “designed specifically for applicants proposing research that does not involve leading an independent clinical trial, a clinical trial feasibility study, or an ancillary clinical trial. Applicants… are permitted to propose research experience in a clinical trial led by a mentor or co-mentor.”

Students who wish to apply for a Diversity Supplement must contact ONR. Applications are rolling.

Consultation Services

Modeling parties

Modeling parties are designed to help investigators:

  • Develop and critique their grant design
  • Have their work reviewed informally prior to submission
  • Receive feedback on:
    • Fundability of the project
    • Clarity of the aims
    • Whether the proposed plan will fulfill the aims, and
    • Evaluate the scientific merit

Statistical Consultations

Students submitting grant applications are encouraged to meet with our Biostatisticians to for advice on methods, survey designs, and analysis.

Note: Faculty advisors must be present during the first meeting with the consultant.

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