Office for Nursing Research

Leaf is a tool available to UW investigators that provides access to identifiable and de-identified data from UW’s electronic health system. ONR can help facilitate obtaining leaf access for SoN investigators by applying for AMC accounts, which are needed prior to accessing Leaf.

Visit the ITHS website to learn more about Leaf.

ONR cannot provide access to the UW Medicine EHR systems [Epic, ORCA, Mindscape]. If you need access to these systems, contact for further guidance.

All Investigators requiring Leaf access must complete the below steps:


  1. Fill out the RedCap Survey. All tenured faculty may request access. All other faculty or students must have permission from their supervisor.
  2. Respond to ONR‘s email with all required information. This will be used to obtain an AMC account.
  3. Complete the UW Medicine Data Access Policy training via the online learning management system. Search for “data access” in the search box in the upper left. The Data Access Policy Training should be the only module in this category.
  4. With your AMC account, navigate to the UW Medicine Analytics site, and click “Request Access” on the right-hand side.
    • On the access form, select “Leaf Power User” in the options under “Access Needed”,  and submit your access request. If prompted for a username and pass word, enter: AMC\your username; your password
    • Under “Manager” and “Supervisor”, select Colie Pilling. ONR will confirm your request.
  5. Enter IRB information if de-identified data is required.


Email ONR at with any questions.