Office for Nursing Research

The Office for Nursing Research aims to provide investigators with the necessary tools to design, apply for, and carry out innovative, equitable, and impactful research studies.

Facilities and Research Space

The ONR manages 8,727 sq cubic feet of research space and offers state of the art, comprehensive research laboratory services for clients in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, as well as research space in the SoN to conduct studies. Our expertise covers biochemical assays, sample preparation/collection methods and analysis (obtained from spectrophotometric data and PCR plate arrays). The team also provides assessment and scoring of heart rate variability data and sleep and physical activity actigraphy scoring. Visit the Laboratory Services page to learn more.

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Grant Library

The Grant Library is a collection of grants that serve to provide faculty with successful examples of a variety of funders and mechanisms. The current grant examples highlight recently awarded proposals from SoN investigators and collaborators.

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Templates and Checklists

ONR’s templates and checklists with embedded timelines are used by pre-award staff, department reviewers, faculty, and ONR to assist in the preparation and review of grant proposals in the School of Nursing. PIs should work with their pre-award staff to adapt proposal timelines specific to their submission deadlines. Templates include budget, facilities and resources, biosketch, and other support templates, among others.

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UW Medicine Data Warehouse/Leaf

Leaf is a tool available to UW investigators that provides access to identifiable and de-identified data from UW’s electronic health system. ONR can help facilitate obtaining leaf access for SoN investigators by applying for AMC accounts, which are needed prior to accessing Leaf. Researchers interested in access to identified data must have an approved IRB for human subjects research.

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DEI in Research Tool Kit

ONR’s DEI Tool Kit was developed to provide investigators with resources that guide the design, implementation, and completion of research projects that are equitable and just. These resources serve as a starting point for investigators to develop their own research practices that reflect the values of equity that are expected in the School of Nursing. The DEI Tool Kit contains resources for each stage of a research study.

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ONR hosts the latest quantitative software for SoN students and faculty.

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