Office for Nursing Research

The purpose of the program is to assist researchers in covering the cost of an external scientific review prior to resubmission of a grant, increasing the likelihood of approval and funding when the grant is resubmitted.

Please visit the ONR Intranet for application and invoice forms.

External Grant Review Details and Process


Awards of up to $500 may be made to support costs associated with expert external scientific reviews of an:

  1. R01- up to $500
  2. R21- up to $300
  3. Others- on a case by case basis


Applications will be accepted on a rolling deadline and considered on a first come first served basis. It is recommended that the application be submitted to ONR 6 weeks prior to the resubmission date.


Applicants must have principle investigator (PI) status at the UW Seattle Campus and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Faculty (tenure line or appointed without tenure)
  • Research faculty and research scientist
  • Clinical assistant, associate or full professor
  • Postdoctoral scholar that has accepted a faculty position within a SON department


The reviewer is chosen by the applicant prior to submitting the External Review Funding Application and must meet the following criteria:
  • The external peer reviewer must have expertise in the field of interest and experience in research and grant review
  • The reviewer must agree to the review and be able to complete it within the time frame requested by the applicant
  • The external peer reviewer cannot be employed by the University of Washington
  • Reviewer cannot be a family member of the applicant
ONR can facilitate finding a reviewer if needed. If you need assistance identifying and securing an external reviewer, please contact the ONR prior to submitting your External Grant Review Funding Application.


6 to 8 weeks prior to resubmission of the grant:
  • Contact the External Reviewer of your choice. Determine that this person is willing and available to complete the review within a timely fashion and for the total amount of funding available for review. You will need to cover any amount in excess of the maximum amounts described above
  • Obtain a written statement from the reviewer agreeing to the above
6 weeks prior to resubmission of the grant, submit to ONR:
  • The External Grant Review Funding Application for which you will need the following:
    • Title, Score, and percentile obtained as stated in the summary statement
    • Summary statement/pink sheet from the previous submission of the grant
    • Contact information for your desired reviewer
  • Use the link on the ONR Intranet to access the funding request portal
Funding Approval
  • The Associate Dean for Research will review funding requests
  • Applicants will be notified of decision within 5 business days
  • Once notified of funding, you can begin the grant review process.
Following the Review:
  • When the grant review is complete, send the following completed documents
    • Faculty Compliance Questions (completed by SON PI)
    • Payee Information (completed by the reviewer)
    • Invoice (completed by the reviewer)
  • Once these items have been received, a check will be sent to the reviewer
Following Grant Resubmission

ONR will follow up with you for summary information about your resubmitted grant. This brief survey must be complete in order to be eligible for future funding managed by ONR, including travel and RIFP funding.