Office for Nursing Research

Update 10/6/2021 – The ONR has provided a template for Return to Research Plans. Please note that the inserted language is meant as a guide and should be tailored to your study. Please reach out to with any questions.

Part of the University of Washington’s requirements for return to research includes approval of individual return to research plans for each project. We hope this site will be a resource for you for SON-level requirements. This process is ongoing, and we will continue to update the resources found here when possible.

If you are planning to return to in-person research, please first review the instructions found in the SON Addendum provided below. If you have questions, please email

Return to Research Template

SON Addendum

Research plan approvals may take up to 1 week to process once submitted by your research team. You may be asked by reviewers to make changes to your plan that could result in additional delays.



8/17/21: The ONR updated the SON approval process and guidelines following updates from the University in July. Please see the links below and do not hesitate to reach out to with questions.

8/4/21: Upper Campus has retired their checklist and risk assessment tool. ONR will be updating the SON template accordingly and will disseminate to SON investigators.

7/16/21: We are awaiting more guidance from Upper Campus regarding Return to In-Person Research. We will update investigators and this page when new tools are released.

9/1/20: ONR has updated the SON Addendum which outlines the process required for completing your Return to In Person Research Plan. For your convenience, we have also included links for the Office of Research Checklist and the HSD Relative Risk Assessment Tool. If you would like more information on the risk assessment tool, check out this recording of Karen Moe (Director, HSD) who discusses the new tool and expectations of HSD.

8/12/20: The Human Subjects Division has released a new risk assessment tool that supersedes the HSD Checklist. ONR is working on updating this protocol and will send out a notice as soon as possible. Please join us on Friday, 8/14/20 to hear directly from Karen Moe (Director, HSD) about the new tool.