Office for Nursing Research

Pre-Award Specialists

The School of Nursing’s Pre-award specialists are experts in the proposal development process and assist faculty in submitting grants through the University of Washington. Pre-award staff work with faculty to develop budgets, assemble sub-contracts, and guide the proposal through the UW submission process. Pre-award staff work with federal, state, tribal, and foundation grants, and submit a wide-array of proposals, from sub-contracts to data agreements to new proposals. Pre-award staff are instrumental in securing research funding for the School, and are engaged in, though not limited to, the following activities:

  • Initiating and submitting proposals in the the UW System to Administer Grants Electronically (SAGE)
  • Budget and budget justification development
  • Managing submission timelines and section components, including human subjects
  • Assembling sub-contracts
  • Collecting biosketches and other support documents
  • Just-in-time and other sponsor requirements
  • Working with other departs or UW offices to solve problems, when needed

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Proposal Intake Form

Post-Award Specialists

Post-award specialists begin their work when an investigator receives a Notice of Award and assists faculty through the project until the Final Report is submitted. Post-award specialists are experts in post-award fiscal compliance regulations, both university and federal, and help investigators track spending, purchase items, and submit progress reports. Post-award staff assist faculty in the following areas:

  • Creating budget numbers and advance budget numbers
  • Procurement
  • Tracking spending
  • Sub-award spending oversight
  • University and sponsor regulations
  • Progress and Final Reports