Office for Nursing Research

Fellowship Program Curricular Objectives 

By the end of the fellowship program, the APPP fellow will:  

  • Provide experienced evidence-based behavioral health (including a full range of mental health and addictions presentations) care to diverse adult patient populations, including a focus on marginalized populations  
  • Master roles as both direct care provider and indirect psychiatric consultant to maintain an effective balance between individual patients’ clinical needs and caring for a larger population in the community  
  • Demonstrate a commitment to practice improvement through the use of continuous quality improvement methods, anti-racism strategies, and participation in continuing education
  • Participate as an effective member of interdisciplinary care teams in a range of psychiatric and general medical settings 
  • Contribute to psychiatric workforce development as a clinical leader, teacher, and mentor for APPP students and other behavioral health workforce members  
  • Promote personal and organizational well-being and resilience  
  • Develop clinical practice strategies and habits that promote efficient care delivery and facilitate an effective transition to sustainable practice  

Clinical Placements and Rotations:

We anticipate three days a week in a primary care location and the equivalent of one day a week in a specialty care location. The equivalent of one day a week will be spent doing didactic work and a QI project.

Additional details coming soon.

Fellowship Curricular Map

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