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UWAC Grant Writing Boot Camp: Winter 2022

This opportunity is especially relevant for those of you who will be submitting for the upcoming June deadline and is open to investigators affiliated with the University of Washington ALACRITY Center, as well as investigators external to UWAC. To register and be added to calendar invites, please email Katie Osterhage,

Overall Objective: To provide guidance and instruction to faculty submitting grant proposals to NIH (particularly NIMH) in how to submit successful proposals focused on behavioral interventions and implementation strategies such as psychotherapy, case management, digital health/technology, and implementation strategies such as training, shared decision making, and quality support/measurement.

Who should attend: Faculty who have already identified the research questions they wish to study and propose to NIH. Staff who contribute to submissions are also welcome to attend.

Course objectives: Learners will

1.       Obtain group-based guidance during the proposal preparation process.

2.       Become familiar with how to set up your proposal for success and understand the review process as NIH.

3.       Be able to write clear and succinct specific aims.

4.       Identify and match your study aims to NIH research priorities.

5.       Identify theory and mechanisms of action.

6.       Select and write the best methodological approach for your hypotheses.


Content Date  (Pacific Time!) Presenters
Session 1: Understanding the NIH process

We’ve divided this session into a series of videos that will give an overview of the review process and how to identify a match between your research aims and NIH priorities.


1- The Proposals Journey (4:27)

2- Funding Announcement and Concept Paper(10:31)

3- Writing Plan (3:59)

4- Who are the Reviewers (7:04)

5- How Proposals Get Reviewed (13:55)

6- Response and Resubmission (3:00)


review links to the left any time before Session 2 occurs on February 14, 2022



Pat Arean
Session 2: Specific Aims

The Specific Aims page is perhaps the most important single component of a grant proposal. We will describe how to set the stage for your proposal by deconstructing the anatomy of the specific aims page. You will learn how to concisely hook the reader, provide relevant background, create coherent aims, and close with a final paragraph that provides a foundation for your proposal. We will conclude with a team-based review of one attendee’s aims page. We invite you to submit a current version for us to review together.


Monday February  14th, 11-12:30







Mike Pullmann and John Fortney


Session 3: Theory and Mechanisms

In this class we will discuss the importance of theory, how it applies to behavioral interventions and implementation science and how to use theory to create conceptual models and identify targets and mechanisms.

The first 45 minutes will be spent in Socratic lecture, the last in IDWs to trouble shoot applicants’ theory and conceptual models (if numbers permit).

We invite you to submit a current version for us to review together.


Tuesday, February 22nd, 2-3:30












Pat Arean
Session 4: Methods and Analysis

The methods and analysis sections of a grant proposal are where you demonstrate how you will feasibly answer your important research question(s). Although there are countless research methods and analytic approaches, we will focus specifically on approaches most relevant to your proposals, including those used in implementation science, human-centered design, and adaptation. These may include discussion of the Discover, Design/Build, and Test process, user/usability testing, microtrials, pilot studies, hybrid effectiveness-implementation trials, as well as standard approaches to analyzing qualitative and quantitative data


Friday, March 4th, 2-3:30






Mike Pullmann, Aaron Lyon, John Fortney
*Bonus Session: Responding to Reviewers*

This class is intended for participants from past sessions of the UWAC grant writing bootcamp, but all are welcome.


During this class, presenters will provide general guidance about responding to reviewers and resubmitting. Prior to this session, we strongly encourage participants to share their original submissions and drafts of planned responses with the presenters. With permission, the presenters and peer participants will provide feedback.

Tuesday, March 8th, 2-3:30


Pat Arean
Mock Review



Monday, March 14th, 11-12:30






John Fortney, Pat Arean, Mike Pullman

To participate:

Please email if you would like to participate in this series and you will be added to the calendar invitations for each session.


Feb 14 2022 - Mar 14 2022


All Day